3 Sweet Ways to Get in the Love Groove This February

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We’ve got some delightful gifts and packages for you and your sweetheart to share in the love and care we all deserve!

This February at Zenana Center for Wellbeing, we’re sharing the love with you too!  Check out the sweet gifts we are offering you this month and then scroll down for full details:

~ Our new Sweetheart Experience included with any two massages! 
~ Who said Valentine’s Day was just for sweethearts?  What about sharing the love with the girlfriends or sisters you cherish most?  Complementary chocolate and beverages are sure to please all…
~ What do chocolate and candles have to do with Loving Your Skin?
~ You got it first!  Any Bikini or Brazilian Wax in Feb includes a Sistr Botanic Rituals Herr Oil mini roller … before they even hit the shelves!

And of course, there is always the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift.  Click here or the Gift Card below to purchase spa day for your sweetheart this month.  Or if this is your idea of the perfect gift pass the hint to your love by sharing this newsletter with them!

Be sure to check out our NEW Wellbeing Classes Full Circle Pelvis and 3 Keys to Promoting Better Gut Health and our Prenatal Yoga Workshop below.

We wish you a fantastic Valentine’s Day filled with lots of self-love and sweet tender moments shared with those you cherish most.

From all of us at Zenana Center for Wellbeing

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Sweetheart Massage Experience

This Valentine’s Day treat yourself and your sweetheart to a nurturing massage with our signature Zenana Love Oil.  You will enjoy your massage in your own room with your own therapist for some invaluable dedicated me-time to replenish and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit before you come together to enjoy each other’s company.

After your massages sit side-by-side in our serene landing to enjoy the following at no additional charge:
~ Beverages of your choice (wine, sparkling non-alcoholic cider, tea or hot cocoa)
~ Moonstruck Chocolate Truffles
~ Single stem rose to commemorate your love
60-minute massage
$99 per person

To reserve your Massages and
Complementary Sweetheart Experience
simply give us a call at (503) 238-6262.

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Gal-entine’s Day Party

Why not do something different to celebrate Love this Valentine’s Day?  In our book, this holiday isn’t only about couple love.  We share a special kind of love with our friends, and February is the perfect month to celebrate your relationships with them.  Reserve our beautifully decorated Moroccan Room for a pedicure party with your girlfriends!

Gather up your girlfriends and book your party now!

~ $180 for 4 guests (gratuity not included)
~ Includes a pedicures and wine, non-alcoholic cider, hot tea or hot cocoa for everyone
~ You are welcome to bring along snacks to share
(additional guests may be accommodated upon request)To reserve your Gal-entine’s Day Party, simply contact our
events coordinator or give us a call at (503) 238-6262.

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Love-Your-Skin Facial

Treat yourself and your skin to the best skincare has to offer with an Eminence organic and biodynamic facial.  Beautify the skin and nurture the spirit with a deeply relaxing hand, arm and face massage.  Ends with an anointing of our signature Zenana Love Oil.
Includes a complementary Moonstruck Truffle  and a Zenana AromatherapyProsperity Candle to take home (up to $28 value).

60 minutes for $105

Bikini Waxing Package

This February with any bikini waxing receive a your own after-waxing treatment to sooth the skin and prevent ingrowns to take home:  A special sneak peak at a Sistr Botanic Rituals product coming soon to our boutique!

Brazilian Bikini $75
French Bikini $55

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Here we highlight the talented healers at our Center.

We are so grateful to have Anasuya on our team of massage therapists.  Not only because of her in-depth massage and bodywork experience but also her intuitive and profoundly soul-nurturing healing approach.  Enjoy a massage with her this month and you will float home feeling deeply nourished – body, mind and spirit.

Jenny is a delight to be around with her fresh and friendly nature.  She is creative and an incredibly talented nail artist.  Jenny would be delighted to add some valentine’s flair to your manicure this month!

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Licensed Massage Therapist

I am committed to helping you uncover the spark of your soul, to awaken the self healing energy within you to live fully, heal deeply, and serve others in more profound ways than you ever thought possible.

I graduated from massage school in 1998 during that time I became pregnant with my first child. Massage, meditation and mothering have gone hand in hand for me.

I love to work with new and expectant mothers helping to facilitate relaxation, awareness and healing during one of the most transformative times in a woman’s life. Trained as an energy healer, I offer a unique and special blessing that can only be received during pregnancy.

I have studied a multitude of modalities in the field of body work and energetic healing in the USA and in India. My style is intuitive and intentional. I will skillfully guide you into deep states of relaxation, rejuvenation and healing. You will feel your tension naturally dissolve and leave the massage table renewed and pain free.

My specialties include; Modified Swedish, myofascial and trigger point release, Cranio-sacral therapy, Sai Shakti energy healing, and pre and peri- natal massage. I teach Meditation for Busy Lives and other classes at Zenana Center for Wellbeing and around Portland. I am the founder of The Parashakti Way -A study and practice in the enlightenment stages for women and healers. Find out more at AnasuyaHealer.com

At home with my two children and life partner we play jokes on each other, cook delicious food, express and visualize a future where kids are respected and adults are relaxed, we materialize this future by walking our talk…but of course we bring the dog along too.

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Licensed Nail Technician

Jenny came to Zenana with two years of experience as a nail technician. Her attention to detail and natural artistic abilities  make for a meticulous nail service. Her passion for her work keeps her on trend for the latest nail designs. Jenny has a sweet and nurturing demeanor which ensures a connection to guests of all ages.

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Taught by Daniele Strawmyre;
Postpartum Yoga/Baby & Me: Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30 am
$15 drop-in or $65 for a 5 class card

NEW!  Prenatal Workshop 6-Week Series: Fridays 6:30-8:30pm
Starts February 16th
$210 for the series

Full Circle Pelvis
Pelvic Care Method
Saturday, February 24th from 10am-1pm.
$45 for the workshop3 Keys to Promoting Better Gut Health
Learn How to Care for Your Digestive System Holistically
Wednesday, February 21st from 5:15pm-6:45pm.
No cost to attend!

5 weeks series, beginning Tuesday, March 13th from 6-8:30pm
*See recent reviews here

Thursdays from 7-8:30 pm
For more information, call their WarmLine at (800) 557-8375

Led by Lactation Specialist Sejal Fichadia of Kindred Mother Care
Wednesdays from 12-1:30 pm
$5 suggested donation

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Have you been looking for an inviting space to offer classes for your students — and an opportunity to expand your program offerings?

Upstairs from our award-winning Spa, Zenana Center for Wellbeing has a spacious teaching room, filled with natural light —  ideal for group gatherings, wellness events and mindfulness classes.

We’re actively seeking teachers and program facilitators who would benefit from being a part of the Center for Wellbeing Community by offering health and wellness programs in our calming, inviting space.

The Wellbeing Studio is available on an hourly or day-use basis.  For more information on rates and availability please contact us at:

Phone: (503) 238-6262

Email:  studio@zenana-spa.com

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