Confident Moms = Confident Kids: Investing in Your Personal Style

By Scarlet Chamberlin, Personal Stylist

New mothers face many challenges at once. As a Personal Stylist, the challenge I hear about most often is: “My body has changed and my clothes don’t fit. I don’t want to spend any money on myself until I’ve lost all the baby weight.” Unfortunately this is setting yourself up for failure, ladies. Some people lose the weight fast, others don’t, and even if you lose “the weight,” your bone structure may have changed. During this transition, it is critical to take short moments to invest in your own appearance. It will help you get through the transition feeling great
about yourself. You know that when you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to do things to take care of yourself — eat well, stay active, and engage in your relationships. This is your time to enjoy being a mom.

For many women, how we feel about our bodies and our appearance can make or break our moods, affecting our days and those around us.  Creating a budget for self-care and carving out time to do it makes a huge difference.  Personal Style is a category of self-care because when we feel comfortable and attractive in our clothes, it raises our confidence level.  Confidence is contagious and has a positive effect on our kids.  Be a great example for your little one, take pride in your appearance and invest in yourself thoughtfully!

Here are 10 Post Partum Necessities for moving through the transition with style and elegance!

1. While you are pregnant, stock up on your favorite beauty items. You won’t have much extra time after baby is born, so set yourself up right. I suggest buying three of your favorite lipsticks — keep one in the diaper bag, one in your car and one in the bathroom.
2. Get your hair done and your toes too! Just don’t do anything drastic.
3. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
o Find a long wide scarf with a colorful pattern. Use it to add interest to your basic outfits and let it double as a cover up while breastfeeding.
o Find an affordable utilitarian tote bag to function as your diaper bag. This will easily transition in to life after diapers and be effortlessly chic.
o Earrings and bracelets are a must! Earrings will go once baby starts to grab, but in the meantime play with color and flattering shapes.
o Find comfortable heeled shoes with style to wear with your skirts, jeans or dresses, maybe a platform sandal for summer or killer boots
for winter. The lift from a little heel goes a long way!
4. Invest in two or three well-made and fashionable nursing tops.
5. Invest in a nursing bra that is comfortable then find inexpensive sexy panties to match. Your sweetheart is in love with you and your extra bits, have fun with this affordable splurge then purge them when they no longer fit.
6. Invest in a great fitting pair of durable black yoga pants to glam up for a comfortable daytime look. Flexible waistbands and materials with stretch will continue to fit as your body changes. Sweatpants don’t work, ladies.
7. Get a pack of white V-neck slim fitting men’s tees and a few patterned tanks then layer a brightly colored cardigan over the top. Keep an extra top in the diaper bag just in case.

8. Chances are that you’ll be wearing more layers up top so be sure to wear a clean silhouette down below.  Avoid bells, bootlegs, and bling on the behind.  Opt for mid-rise dark straight leg denim, A-line skirts, or maxi dresses that skim your curves.

9. Find a wrap dress you feel fabulous in and make dates regularly to go out.  Ditch those yoga pants, put on your sexy undies, accessorize and fly away in style, even if just for an hour.

10. Finally, Portland is blessed with plenty of resale boutiques for kids.  If your budget is tight, find your kids clothes second hand.  Ask for a few essential baby items at your shower, but be sure to put some pampering services and style items on your wish list.  You’ll be happy you did.

Necessities on her Blog:

Purchase a Closet Overhaul ($225) by the end of February and receive one hour of Personal Shopping Online (value $50) for Free! This could be a great Valentine’s Package!

Closet Overhaul Special
We evaluate everything in your closet, including accessories, to determine what fits, flatters, and suits your lifestyle.  We decide what gets stored, what needs care, and what goes Bye Bye.  I tell you what discards can go to consignment, exchange, or donation.  You are left with less, but you’ll be relieved knowing everything looks great and works well together.  Emphasizing quality over quantity, we decide what basic items are needed to complete outfits immediately.  Through this process, we define what you want to reflect in how you dress.

You receive:
A thorough analysis of your wardrobe based on fit, condition and style
A de-cluttered, re-organized closet designed to make putting outfits together easier
Removal of unwanted items
Your style guidelines including rules to shop by, recommended brands, colors, and silhouettes
A prioritized shopping list of immediate needs
Images of inspirational outfits based on your personal style

Time:  3 hours

Cost:  $225

Scarlet Chamberlin runs a Personal Styling business and designs custom and one-of-a-kind Jewelry.  She was a pregnancy massage therapist and doula for 6 years.  Her Jewelry line developed after requests from clients to create pieces commemorating the transitions they were going through.  Her work has been featured on runways from Portland to New York City and a handful of celebrities.  Her genuine love of fashion and desire to help women feel and look their absolute best lead to her launching her Personal Styling business.  She is eager to meet new women interested in assistance in this regard and is happy to answer any questions about what’s possible.

Learn more about her Personal Styling Services on her website or by contacting her directly for a free consultation about your Personal Style.

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