We’ve been treating our community since 2008.

After more than a decade as a center for healing in SE Portland, Xenana recognizes that what remains the same in our region is an active spirit, and a consciousness that focuses on health, wellness, and care.

Every day, we make ourselves available to you and your self-care needs.

Lobby | Xenana Spa | Portland Oregon

Xenana’s values reflect our culture:


No matter what face you wear in the world, or what label you adopt at different times of day—professional, parent, spouse, friend— Xenana meets you as you are. 


Connecting means something different to everyone. It can be about community, the chance to connect with others, or connecting with yourself in  new ways. 


Xenana is built on a foundation of inclusion, conversation and opportunities. We thrive as a collective because we are always listening, trading ideas, and inviting others into our circle of care. 


You want your trip to spa to be nurturing, and to help you flourish in the world. Our practitioners and staff members go about their work with the utmost professional care. 


We are committed to our clients, our community, and our team. We support you with services that address your presenting issue or need, and nourishing you over time.