We’ve been treating our community since 2008.

After more than a decade as a center for healing in SE Portland, Xenana recognizes that what remains the same in our region is an active spirit, and a consciousness that focuses on health, wellness, and care.

Every day, we make ourselves available to you and your self-care needs.

Welcome Portland Oregon Xenana Spa | Xenana Spa | Portland Oregon

Xenana’s values reflect our culture:


No matter what face you wear in the world, or what label you adopt at different times of day—professional, parent, spouse, friend— Xenana meets you as you are. 


Connecting means something different to everyone. It can be about community, the chance to connect with others, or connecting with yourself in  new ways. 


Xenana is built on a foundation of inclusion, conversation and opportunities. We thrive as a collective because we are always listening, trading ideas, and inviting others into our circle of care. 


You want your trip to spa to be nurturing, and to help you flourish in the world. Our practitioners and staff members go about their work with the utmost professional care. 


We are committed to our clients, our community, and our team. We support you with services that address your presenting issue or need, and nourishing you over time.

Britani Kavanaugh, Esthetician

With over 15 years of experience in the aesthetics industry, Britani has always been passionate about helping others achieve their personal skin goals. She received a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University and after suffering with cystic acne, she went back to esthetic’s school and became an esthetician. She brings an extensive background and provides a holistic approach to skincare with each facial customized to her clients needs. Skin care is her purpose in life and she feels the secret to having radiant skin is caring for it each day.

In her spare time she enjoys running & doing yoga, shopping and is an avid sports mom!

Favorite Xenana Service? The Works facial!
Favorite Xenana Product? Osmosis Stem Factor Serum

Shubha, Esthetician

As an Advanced Esthetician, Shubha graduated with honors from the Aesthetics Institute in Portland, Oregon. She has been in the skin care industry for 7 years and is passionate about holistic skin care and the scientific side of anti-aging. With all the current events happening in the world today, Shubha believes that self care is essential for mental and physical health.

In her spare time she loves doing yoga, spending time with her puppy, Peanut and cooking for her not so conventional family.

Favorite Xenana Service: Royal Rejuvenation Facial
Favorite Xenana Product: Eminence Citrus & Kale Serum


Grace Kerr, LMT

Grace welcomes every client with an open heart! She personalizes each treatment to match every client’s specific needs, listening and responding with an intuitive, methodical and strategic approach. Having been a licensed massage therapist since 1996, she is certified in Clinical Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage, and IASTM, (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

In her spare time Grace likes to explore the art of food creation, especially Indian and Asian cuisine.

Favorite Xenana service to perform: Deeper, therapeutic bodywork

Jennifer Lunceford, LMT

Jennifer specializes in Prenatal and postpartum massage, and is a Certified Birth Doula. She is driven as a Massage Therapist to unlock and ease the physical demands of pregnancy through body work. Tapping into deep relaxation through touch can drastically reduce tension and anxiety helping you have a more comfortable birth. She loves to guide partners in providing effective comfort techniques so they feel they can provide rockstar care and stay connected to their birthing loved one.

In her free time Jennifer enjoys gardening, beekeeping and playing in the river!

Favorite service to perform: Prenatal and postpartum massage

Sara Greenhouse, LMT

Sara believes touch is one of the most deeply transformative forms of communication. Through very

attentive and caring touch, she responds to a client’s need for pressure or different techniques, creating a safe and professional, exceptionally satisfying experience. Her calm demeanor, comforting verbal communication, compassionate nature, flow, and present energy contribute to achieving clients health goals through bodywork.

Sara enjoys ‘yardening’, playing the bass guitar and drums, traveling to remote spots to hike and swim, and connecting with her animal and human friends as often as possible.

Favorite service to perform: Prenatal Massage

Mariana Blackstone, LMT

Coming from a background in sculptural art and with a love of science and biology, Mariana blends her skills and experience with a passion for learning and sharing connections. She uses her creativity to draw on techniques across the spectrum from calm and quiet to deeply restorative and balancing. All these will mix to make space for a new you- more fluid in movement and relaxed at the core. She refers to this technique as “creative collaborative” massage. Mariana believes each body is unique and she aims to collaborate with you to make the most change and relief possible at a level your body can absorb. Whether therapeutic or deeply restful, with my training and experience and your insights this time you take for your health can be a reset for your body.

In her free time Mariana enjoys: Making jewelry and painting, thrift shopping and hiking with her dog, Brisco.

Favorite service to perform: Nurturing & Deep Tissue Massage

Ariel Jones, LMT

Ariel has been a massage therapist since 2013 and continues to enjoy the challenges and successes brought about by every massage. She moved to Portland in 2010 from her home state of Tennessee and still loves this budding city. Her favorite modality is deep relaxation massage, working on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue with lots of slow holds and sinking in, while focusing on the overall relaxation and feeling of the massage.

In her free time Ariel enjoys reading, listening to audio books, making jewelry and finding different places to eat around town!

Favorite service to perform: Deep Tissue Massage