Infant Massage

You are warmly invited to an Infant Massage course where you will learn how to touch, relax and bond with your baby in a loving, simple and confident way. During the course, you will discover how to understand more of your baby’s cues, his/her needs, and how to help. The most rewarding and simple aspect, is that your baby and you will enjoy being together.

Infant massage has a wealth of benefits for you and your baby:

• It may improve sleep & baby’s ability to calm themselves

• Encourages sensory integration and may increase mind/body awareness

• May encourage development and toning of muscle

• Can help with colic and constipation

• May help relieve discomforts of teething, growing pains and emotional stress

This course runs over 5 weeks with each session lasting about 90mins. The ideal age is birth to pre-crawling. You will be massaging your baby while being guided through a step-by-step massage routine. Classes include relaxation techniques and addresses issues such as crying, sleeping, and baby emotions. All thoughts and feelings are welcome, and your wellbeing will be nurtured and supported throughout.

Group size is limited to 8 babies with mums and/or dads and the cost is $95 for complete course including handouts, oils, and refreshments. Pre registration is required.

The next 5-weeks session starts April 7th and goes through May 5th. It will be held at Zenana Spa and Wellness Center from 1-2pm.

The Infant Massage course is facilitated by Joanne Edwards, BN (HONS), CEIM. Joanne has over 10 years experience of postnatal support work and child development. She is a UK qualified nurse & health visitor, and a certified educator of infant massage. She has a kind, gentle and nonjudgmental approach and brings a unique perspective to this work.


Please call Joanne at 503 919 8901 or visit her website

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