Introducing Zenana Center for Wellbeing & WELCOME to Our New Online Home

A wellness center and holistic spa dedicated
to nurturing your self-care practice and path toward
wellbeing for integrated and inspired living.

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Mindful, healthy & integrated living starts here.


We are delighted to share that Zenana Spa and Wellness Center is growing into its new form as Zenana Center for Wellbeing.

In this new stage in the life of our business, we are broadening our offerings beyond our current focus on serving pregnant and new families. In addition to those services,we will be providing new treatments and programs to support and nurture wellbeing at each stage in our lives.

Our established, sacred oasis is evolving into a place where you can experience nurturing self-care from a family of wellness-trained practitioners who specialize in caring for the whole you.

With an eye on every detail and aspect of your visit to our wellness sanctuary, our approach to wellbeing will inspire you towards a more integrated experience — where you can live in a place of optimal health and wellness, while fulfilling your profound and unique purpose.

You will find our guest services team and providers inspired by their work and wholeheartedly dedicated to your wellbeing experience.

Please visit our new online home to schedule your next self-care treatment or ‘Day at the Spa Experience’.

We look forward to sharing our new services and programs with you, as we continue the transformation from Zenana Spa and Wellness Center to Zenana Center for Wellbeing.

It is our heartfelt desire that you may feel
most welcome in our inviting and nurturing space.

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The Spa

Immerse yourself in award winning mind, body, spirit treatments and rituals that heal and nourish the whole you. Melt away the stress and tension in your life with organic and therapeutic spa experiences. We delight in creating custom designed self-care renewal packages that are just the right fit for your schedule.

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Your radiant health and expanding sense of wellbeing is our greatest intention. Our expanding circle of wellness lifestyle providers inspire an integrative approach to self-care and living fully. Join us for mindfulness classes, integrative wellness programs, or experience one of our ‘fitness from the inside out’ programs

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For Moms

After 11 years of serving pregnant and parenting families, we’ve developed a tightly knit community of gifted practitioners that provide the highest quality spa treatments, classes and programs. It remains our privilege to nourish and sustain moms and families, so they have the nurturing support they need to thrive and flourish.

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For Men

As more men invest in their own wellness practice — and our world moves more towards living on purpose and for a purpose — nourishing self-care practices become integral to how we contribute with presence and clarity. Our signature treatments and programs have been especially designed for men’s unique needs and preferences.

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We’re dedicated to deepening your experience of health and wellness.

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