You come to Xenana Spa & Wellness to rejuvenate, relax, unwind and prepare. Our practitioners focus on you and your intent as you ground into the experience and press pause for as long as you need.

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 Massage at Xenana is art x science

Massage is a powerful way to nurture yourself, heal after an accident, recover from injury, take care during pregnancy, and relax your body and mind.

Your body has a story to tell. We’re here to listen.

Xenana’s massage therapists are highly skilled and  trained in multiple massage techniques and modalities. We blend our experience with a deep compassion for you, for our work, and care for your healing journey.

Book your customized massage from among the following options.   

Deep Tissue Massage

When you carry stress and pain in your body, it can be difficult to work, move, sit for long periods of time, and even sleep.  Xenana’s Deep Tissue Massage helps release the pain and discomfort you’re carrying.

The Deep Tissue Massage focuses on specific areas of pain or tension.  

Each Deep Tissue Massage is customized to address your needs.  No matter how or where stress or tension settles, your massage therapist will use a series of slower, deeper techniques to unwind facia, release pain and bring more movement to your body.

60 min. = $120
75 min. = $140
90 min. = $155

Deep Tissue Massage Is One Of The Most Common Types Of Massage Therapy Available.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is what Xenana Spa was designed, built and is known for.   Many special needs arise during pregnancy and the massage therapists at Xenana all have specialized  training in Prenatal Massage to expertly address them.   Using specifically designed cushions to allow for safe, comfortable positioning, we are able to effectively relieve common discomforts including back pain, sore hips and congestion in the extremities paving the way for a smoother, more comfortable pregnancy and birth.

Support your body and your spirit during pregnancy.

Beyond supporting your physical health, and preparing your body for birth, our Prenatal Massage can also enhance your physiologic and emotional well-being by providing you time and space to surrender and adapt to the changes your body is going through.  If you’re pregnant,  Xenana’s massage therapists know how to care for you.

60 min. = $120
75 min. = $140
90 min. = $155

Nurture Massage

Xenana’s Nurture Massage promotes general relaxation, relieves tension, soothes sore muscles, and improves circulation.  You’ll experience relaxing, therapeutic bodywork, while our licensed massage therapist focuses on helping your nervous system get back to baseline.

The Nurture Massage is a great escape for anyone who needs to unwind and nervous system reset.

During your session your heart rate and breathing will slow while you reach a deeply relaxing state, during which you can rest and recharge.


60 min. = $120
75 min. = $140
90 min. = $155

Image Of Relaxed Woman After A Massage.

Grounding Massage

Xenana’s Grounding Massage helps you reset yourself in the world. This full-body massage releases deep tensions and stress, especially from your lower body and feet, and promotes a more grounded experience in life.

De-stress, and find your footing.

During your session, our licensed massage therapist will use a grounding blend of essential oils, including vetiver, ylang ylang, frankincense, sandalwood and lavender.

75 min. = $155
90 min. = $175

Detox Massage

The Detox Massage promotes the release of toxins from your body by gently stimulating your lymphatic system with Dry Body Brushing. The Detox Massage can help reduce water retention, improve circulation, and alleviate chronic aches in your joints and muscle tissue.

Stimulate your body’s natural detox process and achieve smooth skin.

After a full-body lymphatic brushing, the Detox Massage includes organic oils of juniper, cedar and grapefruit, infused with signature Detox essential oil blend. The Detox Massage ends with  scalp and sinus work . 

*Not suitable for pregnancy

75 min. = $155
90 min. = $175

Focused Relief Massage

Our Focused Relief Massage helps you find relief for chronic pain that lingers in specific parts of your body. Using a specially formulated oil blend, the Focused Relief Massage can reduce inflammation, and enhance your body’s natural healing process.

Facilitate deep healing in specific areas of the body.

Your massage therapist may incorporate a number of massage techniques during your treatment, including: deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, active and passive stretching, and hot/cold applications if appropriate. Essential Oils include arnica, St. John’s Wort, lavender, calendula, peppermint, plai and black pepper. 

75 min. = $155
90 min. = $175

Massage add-ons

Add on services can be added to a full session by calling or texting the spa.
They are not bookable online and do not add time to your service.  

  • Xenana Aromatherapy blends  / $12
  • CBD to any service  / $20
  • Eminence Organic Apricot or Stonecrop Body Oil to any service / $12
  • Rosemary & Lavender Hot Oil Scalp Treatment  / $20
  • Ecofin Moisturizing Hand Treatment / $20

*Scalp and Hand treatment can be added to a 75 or 90 min massage only and do not add time to your service.  

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