Treat yourself with a Xenana manicure or pedicure

You nails tell stories about you. So do your hands and feet. They share details about your health and mood, give clues to where you’ve been, and talk about where you’re going. Xenana’s signature manicures and pedicures help make sure that your nails, hands and feet always have nice things to say.

Accentuate the way you look and feel.

Our signature manicures and pedicures include warm soaks, hand and foot massages, and moisturizing techniques to keep your skin and nailbeds healthy. Your professional nail technician will hydrate your skin with organic skin care products, and finish with Zoya polish, which is free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. All nail appointments include shaping, buffing, cuticle treatment and gentle exfoliation.

Book your manicure or pedicure from among the following choices. *Some services may be paused to allow for distancing.  

Heavenly Pedicure at Xenana

Your Heavenly Pedicure is a chance to let your feet take a much-needed break, warm up, and experience a deep healing cleanse.

Relax, hydrate and renew.

You’ll begin your Heavenly Pedicure with a warm foot bath, complete with a blend of hydrating and relaxing aromatic essential oils. From there, your nail technician will perform a gentle foot massage, using environmentally friendly, paraffin-alternative oils into your feet. The combination of the warm soak, oils, and touch creates rich hydration, and will leave your skin soft and nourished. After your foot treatment, finish your nails with your choice of Zoya polish.

60 min: $80
Package with the Heavenly Manicure: 120 min: $135

Serenity Pedicure at Xenana

Xenana’s Serenity Pedicure is a chance to surrender for an hour, as you revive and replenish your feet and lower legs.

Stimulate your senses, and nourish your skin.

The Serenity Pedicure begins with a warm foot soak, sugar scrub, and masque treatment, using natural skin care products. Your nail technician will apply warm towels over the masque to stimulate blood flow, and give your feet and legs a chance to fully absorb the nourishment. Following the sugar scrub, finish your experience with focused nail care, and your choice of Zoya polish.

60 min: $65

Spa Pedicure at Xenana

Xenana’s Lemongrass & Honey Pedicure makes a perfect reprieve for tired feet.

Tone, detoxify and soften your feet.

Lemongrass is a natural way to stimulate muscles and skin tone, detoxify, and boost your body’s immune system. This makes Xenana’s Lemongrass & Honey Pedicure a great treatment during seasonal transitions, life changes, big moves, or new starts. The pedicure includes a foot soak and scrub, foot and lower leg massage, and your choice of Zoya polish.

60 min: $60

Lemongrass & Honey Pedicure at Xenana

Xenana’s Spa Pedicure is a great way to warm up, hydrate your skin, and shape your nails for any season.

Soothe and moisturize.

You’ll begin your Spa Pedicure with warm foot bath, infused with soothing salts. Then, your nail technician will provide a gentle exfoliation and cuticle treatment, followed by a moisturizing foot massage with hydrating oils and organic skin care products. Finish your Spa Pedicure with a full nail shaping and Zoya polish.

45 min: $45

Naked Manicure at Xenana

Xenana’s Naked Manicure is therapy for your hands and nails. It’s a great way to correct cosmetic nail problems, and enjoy the benefits of trusting your hands and nails to a professional.

Enhance the natural vibrancy of your nails.

The Naked Manicure benefits your hands and nails with a rich blend of finely ground pigments, vitamins and botanicals. Together, they promote micro-circulation and the exchange of oxygen, decrease skin brittleness, support cellular renewal, and enhance the condition and appearance of your nails. The result: an ultra-sheer veil, which helps your nails stand out in a natural way.

*All Manicures are currently on Pause.  

45 min: $45

Heavenly Manicure at Xenana

Your Heavenly Manicure is a relaxing escape for your hands and your spirit, complete with a blend of hydrating essential oils.

Relax, hydrate and renew.

Your nail technician will begin your Heavenly Manicure with a gentle hand and lower arm massage, using warmed, paraffin-alternative oils that help hydrate and nurture your skin. Finish your manicure with an organic skin care masque, and your choice of Zoya polish.

*All manicures are currently on Pause.

60 min: $65
Package with the Heavenly Pedicure: 120 min: $135

Spa Manicure at Xenana

Xenana’s Spa Manicure brings you warmth, hydration, and great shape to your nails.

Hydrate, soothe, and nurture.

Start your Spa Manicure with warm hand soak in a bath of soothing salts. During your manicure, your nail technician will gently exfoliate and treat your cuticles, and provide a moisturizing hand and lower arm massage. Finish your Spa Manicure with nail shaping and Zoya polish.

All Manicures are curretnly on Pause.  

45 min: $45

Shellac Manicure at Xenana

Give your nails a beautiful, long-lasting finish with Xenana’s Shellac Manicure.

Add a new kind of beauty to the ends of your fingers.

During your Shellac Manicure, your nail technician will use a natural gel polish that is free of things we don’t want near our bodies, such as formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP (dibutyl phthalate). Applied like a polish, the finish wears like gel, and provides a wonderful look, shape, and mirrored sheen for up to two weeks.

*All Manicures are currently on Pause.  

60 min: Application only $50
75 min: Removal and reapplication $60
15 min:  Removal only $20

Kids Manicure or Pedicure at Xenana

The Kids Manicure or Pedicure is all about creating smiles and good times for the little ones, 10 years old and younger.

Book a special treat for little hands and feet.

Turn a Kids Manicure or Pedicure into a special gift for a child or children in your life. Or, book a treatment for a little one to coincide with your own manicure or pedicure.

*This service is currently on Pause.  

20 min: $20

Express Polish at Xenana

Make the Xenana Express Polish all about your nails and your style.

The Express Polish experience is fast and flawless.

An Express Polish (for fingers or toes) includes basic nail care, shaping, and a choice of polish from our line of Zoya products.  We are currently only booking for toes at this time.  

20 min: $25

Xenana’s Manicure and Pedicure Packages

Getting together with others for manicures and pedicures is a great way to unwind and laugh with friends, family, siblings, coworkers, best buds, new acquaintances…or anyone you care about.

Share the manicure or pedicure experience with others.

Xenana’s Manicure and Pedicure Packages include visits for two, three or four at a time. We can also make arrangements to handle larger parties, by toggling different start times.

*Group nail services are currently on Pause.*

Manicures or Pedicures for a Group of Three of Four

Change the narrative of the baby shower or blessing way. Kick off the bridal party, or the bachelor party, with a different spin. Start your class reunion weekend in style. Whatever brings your group in, Xenana make an ideal stop.

Make the experience about you and them.
Our space and professional team is prepared to treat larger parties, whether it’s a bridal shower, kickoff to a holiday gathering, reunion, work friends, or just a reason to get together with people you care about.

105 mins: $180

Toes for Two at Xenana

Toes for Two at Xenana is a sweet way to spend quality time together, whether you’re bound by love, blood, or past-life karma you just can’t shake.

Indulge together.
Your Toes for Two Pedicures include either a sea salt or sugar scrub, nail care, and a choice of polish from the Zoya line.

105 mins: $100

Parent and Child Manicure or Pedicure at Xenana

Xenana’s Parent and Child Manicure or Pedicure is a great way to indulge yourself and a special little one in your life, whether you’re a parent, favorite auntie or uncle, baby sitter, or the awesome neighbor that the kid next door adores.

Make it memorable for both of you.
During your treatment, both of you will enjoy a sea salt or sugar scrub, followed by basic nail care, and a choice of Zoya polish to finish.

90 mins: $75