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Just above Xenana’s spa and treatment rooms, you’ll discover our spacious community studio. Flooded with natural light, the space hosts workshops, trainings, and support groups, and is open to community members who wish to connect, learn and grow.

Gatherings focus on health, wellness, and community support.

The Xenana Community Studio can comfortably accommodate groups of 20 – 25 people at a time. While we are closed for large groups at this time, we are always looking to connect with new practitioners, workshop leaders, facilitators, who want to meet in SE Portland on a regular, semi-regular, or one-off basis for private or semi-private sessions. Please inquire using the contact form below.

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Visit our calendar for classes, workshops, and group meetings.

Past  workshops and groups we’ve hosted

Breastfeeding Support Group at Xenana

Facilitated by members of Natural Latch, the breastfeeding support group meets weekly, and is open to all nursing parents (cisgender, non-binary, transgender), whether you are nursing at the breast, or via bottle feeders.

Connect with others in a safe and supportive setting.
Come weigh your baby, connect with other parents, ask questions, and access evidence-based information about common breastfeeding issues from an attending lactation consultant. While the environment is extremely inclusive, most of the nursing babies are between newborn and six-months old. A suggested donation of $5 per session is greatly appreciated.

Visit our studio calendar to find out about the next session.

Rising Strong at Xenana

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Rising StrongTM is a highly experiential methodology designed to help individuals show up, be seen, and live braver lives. Xenana is excited to host an ongoing Rising Strong workshop group in our SE Portland studio space.

Explore Rising Strong as a way to grow.
The primary focus of Rising Strong is to build skills that support shame resilience, and help individuals develop a courage practice that transforms the way they live, love, parent, and lead. Audrianna Gurr, a cognitive, dialectical behavioral therapist, leads the Rising Strong group at Xenana.

Visit our studio calendar to find out about the next session.

Facilitated Yoga Therapy at Xenana

Led by Xenana community partner, Fawn Williams Nance, yoga therapy sessions are designed to promote greater self-empathy, connection, and function in the physical and emotional world.

Discover body-friendly practices in our SE Portland studio space.
Yoga therapy is a great complimentary practice when you are working through any number of behavioral or medical health concerns, including auto-immune diseases, recovering from trauma, rehabilitation, chronic pain, or mobility or stability issues.

Visit our studio calendar to find out about the next session.

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