3 Things To Look for In a Yoga Studio

Whether you’re a seasoned yoga expert or brand new to the practice, choosing a studio can take some time. Knowing which things to look for in a yoga studio will help make your search easier. After all, finding the right space for your needs is crucial to enjoying the benefits of yoga. 

Our friendly Xenana Spa staff welcomes you to give our Portland studio a try to see if it’s a good fit for you. We offer yoga classes and services to keep you feeling your best. You can sign up for a class or book an appointment anytime. 

As you consider which yoga space feels best for you, here are three things to look for in a studio.

1. Inclusiveness and Body-Positivity

Many people avoid yoga because they feel they aren’t flexible or fit enough. They believe they have to lose weight and get in shape before taking a yoga class. Sadly, some studios have made people feel this way, denying them all the wonderful benefits of yoga.

A Welcoming And Inclusive Space Is One Of The Most Important Things To Look For In A Yoga Studio.

When you’re searching for a studio, be sure to look for a place that offers classes for all levels and honors all body types and gender identities. You don’t need to achieve a certain level of fitness to enjoy a yoga practice. The Xenana yoga instructors are intentional in creating classes that are accessible to anyone who wants to join.

2. A Welcoming Space

The physical surroundings can significantly affect how much you enjoy your yoga classes. For many people, mirrors in the studio are a big drawback. They can be distracting and make some people self-conscious. 

That’s definitely not the experience we want you to have! Xenana’s studio is free of mirrors and full of natural light to create an empowering, calming, and non-competitive environment. This space frees you to enjoy the grounding, strengthening work of your yoga practice.

Additionally, small class sizes are important in creating a welcoming space. Too many participants can make it difficult to focus on your experience and for the teacher to connect with everyone.

Xenana Spa is proud to offer small classes to ensure a good experience for everyone. This is true for our regular classes and our community sliding-scale classes.

Community Classes Are Often Available On A Sliding Scale.

3. Non-Dogmatic Approach

As an ancient practice, yoga has evolved to encompass many styles, but this can be a lot to navigate when choosing where to go. At Xenana, we offer several classes and styles:

  • Hatha Flow: A moving meditation through various stances and seats with an emphasis on focused attention
  • Vinyasa Flow: A moving meditation with an emphasis on the breath guiding the transitions
  • Slow Flow: Slow and deliberate movement with an emphasis on rest and support 

The goal is to meet each practitioner where they are, offering variations for all ranges of experience. And each teacher brings their unique approach and wisdom to the practice. You can read our Xenana teacher profiles here. 

Xenana Spa Would Love To Be Your Yoga Home

If you’re looking for a safe, welcoming place to try or continue a yoga practice, we’d love to invite you to Xenana. Our studio is ready to serve you with a range of inclusive classes and a friendly team of instructors. And if you need more self-care options, Xenana also has massage and facials to help you feel your best through and through. Book your class or service today.

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