Why You Should Change Your Skincare with the Seasons

The changing of the seasons looks different depending on where you live. Some folks barely notice any difference in the weather, while others see drastic changes. Regardless of your location, it’s important to change your skincare with the seasons for the best results and long-term health.

Xenana Spa is in Portland, OR, where we enjoy distinct seasons, so our estheticians adapt and adjust their client care as the weather shifts. If you’re due for a facial or another service, now is the perfect time to book your appointment.

Change Your Skincare with the Seasons To Feel Your Best

As the weather shifts, so do your skin’s needs. Warm, humid days during the summer call for lighter cleansers and moisturizers. But cooler, drier temperatures in fall and winter may require thicker products.

As we bid summer farewell and greet the autumn season, here are four things to consider in your skincare routine.

1. Look for hydrating ingredients.

Pay Attention To Hydration When You Change Your Skincare With The Seasons.

When fall and winter arrive, it’s time to pay special attention to hydration for your skin. Ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid are humectants. That is, they pull water to themselves. So, using products with these ingredients will draw water to your skin to help with hydration. 

And, of course, be sure you are doing plenty of hydrating by drinking water. It can be easy to fall off the water-drinking wagon when the temperatures drop, but hydrating from the inside out is crucial year-round.

2. Pay attention to exfoliation.

You can exfoliate your skin all year long if you’re careful with timing and product selection. But since exfoliation can make your skin more susceptible to sunburns, summer is a trickier time for that skincare step.

In fall and winter, however, there is less risk of extensive sun exposure, making these months ideal for exfoliation. You can use products at home to help with this, or you can take advantage of chemical peels or dermaplaning. Xenana offers several options that are excellent choices this time of year.

Exfoliation Is Important During The Colder, Drier Months.

3. Switch to a heavier moisturizer.

Dropping temperatures, dry air, and blustery winds will all zap your skin of its moisture as summer fades away. Fall and winter demand thicker, creamier moisturizers to offset these weather conditions. In addition to a thick facial moisturizer, you might also need eye and lip treatments. Our eyes and lips can take a beating during the colder months if we don’t support them with high-quality products. 

4. Don’t skip the sunscreen.

Saying goodbye to summer does not mean we get to say goodbye to our sunscreen. It’s critical to wear sunscreen every day of the year. This one habit helps protect you from skin cancer and premature aging, so don’t skip it. Sunscreen is one thing that you shouldn’t change in your skincare with the seasons. Regardless of your skin tone, sunscreen is vital.

Xenana Spa Is Here To Help

Getting an expert’s help with your skin is the right choice, no matter the season. The Xenana Spa estheticians take the time to understand your needs and make the best plan for your skincare. Book your next service today to help your skin adapt to the changing seasons.

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