Welcome to Yoga at Xenana Spa

Xenana is a warm, inclusive center for nourishing the body, mind, and spirit. For years we’ve been in the heart of SE Clinton Street offering massage and skincare, and we are so happy to add the yoga practice to our healing space.

Our instructors are offering simple, honest, beautiful, and grounded practice 7 days a week. While each one is coming from their own unique relationship with the yoga practice, you can expect to be in an authentic experience with your own practice and your own bodymind in our lovely lofted space. Just like with massage and skincare, it is our priority to meet you where you are. 

We invite you to practice with us! Please enjoy a 10% discount when you purchase a 10 class card* using the code XENANAYOGA at checkout.

Let’s practice together.

As a health and wellness facility during Covid, we are keeping our class sizes small and ask for online registration ahead of time. Health and wellbeing for all is the ground floor here, and so for now, we continue to wear masks.

*class cards expire after 6 months. 

New Student Special (two weeks unlimited) … $25
Community Class … $1-15
Drop In … $15
5 Class … $75
10 Class … $130

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Community Classes: Sunday evening, Monday evening, Saturday afternoon

These are sliding-scale, donations-based community classes. Suggested donations $1-15, though no one will be turned away for lack of funds. A balanced and clearing hatha-based practice: whether the work day has come to an end or is soon to begin, this practice will support you in the resource of inhabiting your bodymind, your interior cosmos, and your place in the infinite web of all things by inquiring into the breath and the wisdom of your own body. Please see the instructor bio for a more clarified understanding of the nuances of the practice they’ll offer.



Yoga comes from the root “yuj”, which means to unite; join; connect. Through this spiritual wisdom tradition from India we study the practical application of awakening (also known as enlightenment) utilizing and refining our own discernment. There are many schools of Yoga, and here at Xenana we offer a few tributaries of Hatha Yoga.

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Yoga Portland Oregon Xenana 6 | Xenana Spa | Portland Oregon

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the practice of the physical postures (asana) through which one uses their own body to study, feel, and eventually embody the understanding that one is inextricably linked to the cosmos. By focusing primary attention to the breath, and to the physical alignment of any pose and/or an energetic center within the body, one is able to awaken to the profound experience of being with themselves in the present moment. The practice of Hatha Yoga includes standing postures, backbends, forward folds, seated postures,inversions, pranayama (breathwork), and meditation.

Hatha Flow

This is a flow-based Hatha Yoga practice that centers the breath and contemplative discernment.

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Xenana Spa Portland Oregon Yoga 6 | Xenana Spa | Portland Oregon

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa, meaning “to place well”, is suggestive of a sequential progression from posture to posture with careful attention to the breath as the primary vehicle. How one transitions from pose to pose impacts the overall experience of the practice, and so emphasis is also placed on the transition between, not just the poses themselves. Postures are generally moved through at the scale of 3-5 breath cycles (this can vary from instructor to instructor) and much in the same way a body grows, each shape supports the one that follows. As Vinyasa is a form of Hatha Yoga, the shapes we use are the same.

Slow Flow

A slowed down experience of Vinyasa with attention to shapes that are also restful. A balanced blend of strength and ease. As it is also a flowing form of Hatha Yoga, the breath, and its relationship with the mind, is of paramount importance.

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Xenana Spa Portland Oregon Yoga 4 | Xenana Spa | Portland Oregon

Yin and Restorative Yoga

Yin and Restorative Yoga are practices that involve fewer poses than a more active practice as the poses are held for a longer duration. While these practices might appear more passive, they can often be just as challenging due to the nature of the longer holds. These practices are open to all levels of practitioner, and generally involve the use of props.


In this class we’ll explore warming, generous movement and and breath practices that will prepare the bodymind for to rest into what we so often call stillness.

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Yoga Portland Oregon Xenana 5 | Xenana Spa | Portland Oregon

Community Class

This means that the class is being offered on a sliding scale of $1-15. There is no judgment and you will never be turned away for lack of funds.

Cary Spaeth

Cary has been a student of yoga for more than half her life, and began formally sharing her practice with others after hours in the cafe where she worked as a barista. In 2011 she met her teacher, and one year later received her teaching certification. For about 10 years she stewarded North Portland Yoga, and is delighted to be emerging back into the world of in-person classes here at Yoga At Xenana. Cary’s practice is inspired by the strong beauty of the Shadow School of Yoga (in the lineage of classical Hatha yoga) and the intelligence of curiosity, and offers a warm, supportive space for exploration. She trusts that each of our bodies contain within them the evolutionary wisdom of the ever expanding cosmos, and is honored to hold space for your practice to happen.

Elayna Caron

Elayna has been teaching for seven years and has dedicated her practice to making Yoga accessible. She has completed multiple trauma-informed trainings and has taught in underserved populations such as women’s shelters and juvenile detention centers. Elayna has found purpose in examining the westernization and exclusivity of yoga, and changing the discourse around what kind of body is a Yoga body. Her teaching comes from the foundations, and she teaches to everyone. She is engaged in the energy of the room, and is able to meet not only herself, but whomever she is with in the moment. Elayna is thrilled to hold and care for your experience with these practices here at Yoga At Xenana.

Sara Knapp

Sara started consistently practicing yoga in 2008 and became certified to teach in 2010 with Angel Lucia in West Palm Beach Florida. She teaches to all levels, guiding people into a space of gracefulness, clarity and to help find the sweet balance of effort and ease. Every class is different and unique. She believes that when people come together to practice and to share energy we all grow together and learn from each other.

“From the moment I began I started sensing profound truths in this practice. It became more than a physical practice and I felt the overall quality of my life enhance. I had no intention of ever teaching yoga when I took my training with Angel. But unexpected pathways began revealing themselves and I felt called to teach. I taught consistently for 9 years but a year or so ago decided to step away from teaching. And while I think the break was a good thing for me I now know that practicing and teaching yoga are embedded in my matrix and it truly helps me stay grounded and navigate this wild world we live in. It’s something I hope to do forever. I can’t wait to share some space and breath with you!

Yoga FAQ

I’m new to Yoga, which class should I take?

All of our classes are suitable for you. Please let the instructor know you are new, and feel free to ask them any questions you may have. Each of our instructors are highly skilled at meeting you where you are and can offer various modifications for every pose they teach. 

Is Yoga a workout?

While the practice can be vigorous, challenging, and strengthening, what makes this different from working out in a gym or taking an aerobics class is the incorporation of the mind and focused attention. Our instructors leave ample room for people to rest, and to increase the physical challenge depending on what’s needed. We meet you where you are. 

Do I need to bring anything?

If you have a mat and you prefer to use it, bring it! Otherwise all you need to bring is yourself. We have mats free for use, blocks, blankets, bolsters, and eye pillows.

Can I wear my socks?

Yes, absolutely.

I have an injury/my doctor or physical therapist or chiropractor recommended I do yoga.

We suggest contacting us and we will put you in touch with our instructors. It can be very helpful to meet one on one with an instructor to talk about what’s going on with your body. Our class sizes are necessarily small, so you will not get lost in the shuffle. 

Are masks mandatory in classes?

As things are now, yes, we require masks in classes. Practicing together is community accountability so while your health might be excellent, the person practicing beside you might be immunocompromised or is the caretaker for someone who is.

We are happy to talk more about this in person should you like.

Do I need to sign up online?

We recommend signing up online ahead of time, but it isn’t required. You are welcome to show up and drop in. Registering online guarantees your spot in the room.

I’m not feeling ready to practice in public yet, can I still take your classes?

Yes! We have a virtual library of classes that we frequently add to. You’ll find the link to our virtual library on the Yoga page here.

Our class sizes are also intentionally small because of the size of our room. We cap attendance at 8-10 people depending on the class.

I’m on a budget, do you offer low-cost classes?

Yes! Every Monday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday evening we offer Community classes.

These classes are on a sliding scale, $1-15, though you will never be turned away for lack of funds.

The Gift of Self-Care