Welcome to Yoga at Xenana Spa


We are so honored to offer yoga and hold space for you to be in your practice.

In our light-filled, intimate yoga loft we explore what makes us human, and through the practice of making space, we explore the world we inhabit and share collectively.

Our space is non-dogmatic, non-hierarchical, rooted in the wisdom of curiosity, and the ethical precepts of the teachings of yoga.

We are a small crew of skillful practitioners offering up our own living practices.
Each of us bringing our own nuance and guidance.

Thank you for sharing space with us.

Let’s practice.


Early Morning Practice

M, W, F   7 – 8 AM

A strong, stabilizing hatha-based practice that will support you and ground you into your day with balanced emphasis on breath, bodymind, and clear focus.

Morning Practice

M, W, F and Sunday   9:30 – 10:45 AM

A riverine practice of somatic inquiry and the alternating current of the breath transforms the movement practice into a dynamic, thoughtfully sequenced expression of embodiment. Predicated on the foundation of creation and dissolution, we’ll skilfully explore the way we inhabit movement, transition, and stillness. Please see the instructor bio for a more clarified nuance of the practice they’ll offer.

Evening Practice

Sunday   5:30 – 6:30 PM
M, W   6 – 7 PM

A balanced and clearing hatha-based practice: whether the work day has come to an end or is soon to begin, this late day practice will support you in the resource of inhabiting your bodymind, your interior cosmos, and your place in the infinite web of all things by inquiring into the breath and the wisdom of your own body. Please see the instructor bio for a more clarified understanding of the nuances of the practice they’ll offer.

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Cary Spaeth

I have endless gratitude for these practices and all of the teachers I’ve been fortunate to study with along the way. Since taking my first class as a teenager in the library of my high school, the various lineages of these practices and the currents of my life have lead me to the Shadow School of yoga, and this beautiful, potent practice greatly shapes and informs my teaching. I have studied for many years with Sarah Trelease and count her as my primary human teacher; I have studied the Shadow Yoga practice with Mandy Kruger; I credit the school of Body Mind Centering with greatly facilitating the opening of the portal to my own somatic curiosity. From 2012-2021 I had the tremendous pleasure of stewarding North Portland Yoga. To borrow a wise teaching from one of the yogis interviewed in the film Agni Yogana (made by Emma Balnaves): the yoga makes the yogi. The yoga practice, as I understand and transmit, is an indigenous practice containing everything already, and every time we come to the mat/cushion is an opportunity to deepen into the aliveness of time; every moment is an opportunity rife with learning and the chance to respond well. There isn’t anything or anyone from whom we are separate, that is the ultimate realization. I work to embody my trust in the possibility of a world wherein everyone gets what they need, lives long and prospers, and counts all of life in the spirality of time as one’s kith and kin. I look forward to sharing practice with you.

Elayna Caron

I believe that rest is key to revolution.  I have been teaching yoga for seven years and have dedicated my practice to making yoga accessible to under-resourced communities. I completed my teacher training in 2015 with Sola School in Portland Oregon, then studied at SKY Yoga in Tacoma WA. After completing multiple trauma-informed and accessible yoga training I began taking my teaching practice into the community. From women’s shelters, to juvenile detention centers, I have found purpose in examining the westernization and exclusivity of yoga and changing the discourse around what kind of body is a yoga body. My hope and aspiration is to help students find moments of pause, play, and release, both in their minds and bodies. My teaching comes from the foundations, I teach to everyone and I strive to provide agency and support to my students. I am engaged in the energy of a room, I am able to meet myself where I am, which transmits to making people more comfortable working from where they are, and being seated in themselves without judgment.

Heather Jones

From the day my teacher, Sarah Trelease, helped me understand that my struggles with a certain pose had nothing to do with my weight or my curves, I knew I wanted to teach yoga that was truly accessible for everyone. After receiving my RYT in 2013, I continued my studies with Anna Guest-Jelley to become the first Curvy Yoga Certified Teacher in the Portland area and have since had the honor to work with students of every shape and size. While Life is the greatest teacher of all, my somatic teaching is greatly influenced by Accessible Yoga founder Jivana Heyman, propped up and encouraging students to make their shapes their own. Additionally, I have completed my studies in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda, broadening my scope of accessible teaching to include those living with MS, scleroderma, amputations, anxiety and PTSD. As a person living with autoimmune disease and a forever student of this beautiful practice, I come to every class in the most authentic way I can, often with stories of my own challenges, a song that’s moved me, or an occasional f-bomb. I am a fierce advocate for healthy body image and autonomy, and love nurturing students with down-to-earth exploration of breath, awareness, movement and compassion. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life, particularly those who otherwise have felt unsure, unseen or shut out in previous yoga and movement experiences, and I specialize in teaching yoga and radical self-acceptance to bigger-bodied students. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions at

The Gift of Self-Care