Ask the Esthetician: What Are the Benefits of Using Eye Cream?

The delicate skin around the eyes needs to be supported with an eye cream.  Eye cream is the last step to my AM and PM home skin care regime.  A moisturizer application ends at the bone (orbital bone) around the eye.  With your middle or ring fingers apply eye cream from the outside corner of the orbital bone, lightly run your fingers towards your nose, and then up along your brow line onto the lid, ending where you began.  I like to make a couple of these circles around my eyes, because it feels so good.

Eye cream benefits skin of all ages of both men and women.  It’s used as a preventative and/or as maintenance of current issues.  Eye cream alone gives your eyes a radiant glow.  If you wear make up, it’s also an excellent primer and prepares the skin to hold onto your shadow color longer with an even and smooth appearance.

Wild Plum Eye Cream  (great for minimizing dark circles)

  • Wild plum juice: antioxidant, stimulant; soothes skin and heals irritations, stimulates and regenerates the epidermis
  • Vitamin K: reduces dark under eye circles, heals broken capillaries, reduces redness, anti-inflammatory
  • Eyebright: anti-inflammatory, astringent, reduces redness, swelling and eye area irritations

Cucumber Eye Gel  (great for toning the delicate tissue under your eyes)

  • Cucumber juice: revitalizing, silica-rich, toning
  • Ginseng: regenerating, strengthens connective tissues
  • Co-Enzyme Q10: combats free radicals, healing, cellular repair

Herbal Eye Contour Cream (great for preventing and minimizing wrinkles)

  • Jasmine Flower Petal: carotenoids, vitamins C (antioxidant) & P, nourishing agent
  • Pectin: enriches, nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • St. John’s Wort: anti-wrinkle, nourishing

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