Baby Shower for Uganda

We’re throwing a baby shower for Uganda. As the midwife sponsorship coordinator for the Shanti Uganda Birth Center, I’m inviting you and yours to be part of it. Please come and attend the event. If you are unable to attend but want to support you can write a check to SHANTI UGANDA SOCIETY in any denomination.

Zenana Spa and Wellness Center and Jeanne Faulkner are teaming up to support four young Ugandan women who are being hired to staff a brand new community birth center, opening its doors this spring. Why a baby shower? It’s an opportunity for Portlanders to celebrate a new way to help families in Africa directly. We don’t need diapers and booties – we need money to build infrastructure. Please come and donate generously. Even a small amount is a big help. We’re working toward a small financial goal ($14,4000 – all it takes to support four midwives for one year) but a big step in providing safe women’s health and many lifetimes of good will to a desperately poor part of the world.
Outside of Kasana, in the District of Luweero, in the village of Nsaasi, there are only a few huts and a handful of rundown brick rooms, virtually no access to education, employment or health care. The women and children in this district have poor health and when it comes to pregnancy, their complications are extreme. Maternal and infant death is common since there’s no easy access to health care, medical professionals or clean water. The closest clinic is over an hour away. That’s where we come in. The Shanti Uganda Society works with the community’s traditional birth attendants and the Sisters of Bishop Asili Clinic in Kasana to address these concerns. They asked me to find the money to sponsor the midwives. Each one will receive an above-scale wage – $300 per month. The birth center has been built through generous donations and is a start in helping improve the quality of life for all families in this village. The midwives (locally hired and trained) will serve the women in their community, and be able to spend their wages locally in the community. Everybody wins.

Want to be part of this great project? Come to Zenana Spa and Wellness Center on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010 from 6-9PM. N459150100014_8073

2024 Southeast Clinton Street
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 238-6262

Donate as much as you can, party with us, learn about the Shanti Uganda Birth Center, check out the Shanti Uganda Birth Center Website.

Contact Jeanne at or 503 888-4395. Come be part of our effort to reach out and help a sister on the other side of the world. It’s direct, sustainable and fun. You can make a difference.

Some of what is in store for the evening:

  • The Buckman Boys Dancers will be performing a few pieces inspired by the late, great Keith Goodman and pieces choreographed by the Boys Dancers founder, Chisao Hata. African drumming, hip hop, unique and fun – this is what dance is all about.
  • Nick O’Donnell (of A Cautionary Tale) and Lee Faulkner (8th-grader and composer of Davinci Arts Middle School’s upcoming spring musical – Fables) play the blues.
  • Jane Archer – professional bellydancer and owner of Euphoria Dance Studios shows us how bellydancing is supposed to be.

*Silent Auction Participants*

  • Two gift certificates to Julie Lawrence Yoga Center
  • 1/2 hour facial and eyebrow wax from Arabella Salon
  • Artwork by Brenda Rose of Andfurthermore on etsy
  • Photography cards by Sedona Callahon
  • MyPop greeting cards by Jessey Jansen
  • Coffee from Ristretto Roasters
  • Veterinary care basket from Walnut Street Veterinarian Clinic
  • Carrie O’Callahan Photography session
  • Zenana Spa Gift Certificate
  • Justine Light of Natural Light Photography
  • A massage by Amanda Gerace
  • Hair consultation and cut by Erin Maidlow
  • Gorgeous jewelry from Usanza Designs
  • Chiropractic care from Dr. Michelle Gerbi

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