Are Facials Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an AMAZING  time, AND definitely comes with a lot of body changes. The infamous pregnancy glow is very common, but shifting hormones can also bring unique skincare issues. As pregnant people look for ways to take care of themselves, they often ask, “Are facials safe during pregnancy?” 

It’s good to be cautious about treatments during pregnancy, but the good news is that many facials are completely safe. Your Xenana Spa team of estheticians helps you choose the right option for your skin’s needs. Whether you’re prenatal, postpartum, or some other stage of life, we will create a customized treatments to give your skin the care it requires. Book your next appointment online today.

Understanding Pregnancy Skin Changes

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can lead to noticeable skin changes including:

  • Increased Oil Production
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sensitivity
  • Hormonal Breakouts 
  • Severe Dryness

Facials are wonderful to address these concerns and maintain healthy skin that looks and feels wonderful. However, there are a few things to look for with product ingredients and skin care techniques used in facials to give you the best outcome while protecting your baby.  .

Are Facials Safe During Pregnancy?

Are Facials Safe During Pregnancy? Yes! But You Need To Work With An Esthetician Who Understands How To Treat Your Skin Safely.

Some facial treatments may pose risks during pregnancy due to the absorption of chemicals through the skin. Others may cause irritation if your skin is more sensitive than normal. 

While the skin is a highly protective barrier, some substances still penetrate deeply enough to enter the bloodstream. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and microcurrent treatments may also be risky during pregnancy due to the use of active ingredients or mechanical exfoliation.

During pregnancy, salicylic acid is safe in a low percentage, but hydroquinone is not. Some folks also hesitate to use benzoyl peroxide during pregnancy.  At Xenana Spa, we prefer to use our FAVORITE product, Rescue as an alternative to treat hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and breakouts. Rescue is one of our most popular skin care products and we always keep it in stock for pick up. You can learn even more about this product in this video.

Although pregnant folks need to be cautious in choosing skincare treatments, not all facials are off-limits during these months. Options that use the right ingredients to hydrate and replenish your skin generally don’t pose risks. And mild treatments such as light extraction are unlikely to irritate your skin. 

Best Options for Pregnancy Skin

During pregnancy, as always, sufficient sleep and hydration are crucial for healthy skin. And if you’re experiencing acne, topical products like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are also considered safe to use during pregnancy.  

Image Of Woman Getting A Facial Treatment.

Consult with a Professional

Getting a facial is an excellent way to take care of yourself before, during, and after pregnancy. Your Xenana esthetician will help you determine the best treatment for your skin’s needs. They can assess your skin’s condition, advise you on suitable treatments, and guide you to products deemed safe for those expecting. Our favorites are Rescue and Eight Greens Youth Serum to manage the hormonal changes in pregnancy skin.

At Xenana, we recommend the Principle Facial and Rejuvenate Facial to help you relax and care for your skin. And our luxurious hydraulic beds accommodate different positions to help make sure you are comfortable throughout your service. 

Building a relationship with your esthetician helps them learn the nuances of your skin and how best to care for it. There can be a lot of gray areas and misinformation about treating pregnant skin, so the more you connect with your provider, the better they can help you. They will also help you create a home care plan.

Book your next appointment today for the care your skin deserves.

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