Postpartum Skincare Tips and Tricks

Spoiler alert: pregnancy changes your body. A lot. Anyone who has been pregnant understands how significantly things shift in a person’s body during this time. Pregnancy even impacts our skin and hair in dramatic ways. These postpartum skincare tips and tricks can help you feel at home in your after-baby body.

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New-to-You Skin Concerns

Your hormones are on a wild roller coaster ride during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Growing and supporting your developing baby demands a lot from your body and often takes a toll on your skin.

Here are some common postpartum skincare concerns:


Many pregnant people experience glowing skin, sometimes feeling the best they’ve ever felt. But soaring levels of progesterone can trigger acne during pregnancy for some individuals. And the rapid decline of hormones after delivery can also bring on blemishes. Even people who have never had acne in their lives may experience it during postpartum. 

Acne Can Be A Common Issue After Having A Baby.


Hormonal surges during pregnancy can lead to hyperpigmentation, also known as melasma. This condition causes dark patches on the skin, including the face. For some people, melasma may remain until they wean their child and hormones stabilize again.

Stretch Marks

Sometimes affectionately referred to as “tiger stripes,” stretch marks are a natural result of a growing belly. Many people also get stretch marks during times of rapid growth during adolescence. Most of the time, stretch marks fade eventually. But they rarely disappear altogether on their own. 

Postpartum Skincare Tips and Tricks from Xenana

Before we address all these new skincare issues, we want to acknowledge that you are fabulous and beautiful no matter how your skin changes! Postpartum hormonal shifts are significant, and you deserve to take time to rest and recover.

Staying Hydrated Is One Of The Most Important Postpartum Skincare Tips And Tricks.

While you give yourself this time, there are several things you can do to give your skin a boost:

  • Stay Hydrated: Your skin needs a lot of water to remain healthy under any circumstances, and postpartum is no different. New parents often end up dehydrated because they are busy tending to their babies and forgetting about themselves.
  • Sleep Whenever Possible: Lack of sleep disrupts everything in your body, including your skin. But new parents are not known for being well rested. Take advantage of help from others to get a good stretch of sleep each day, if possible. This rest allows your skin to repair itself and can help diminish dark circles and puffy under-eye areas.
  • Use Mild Products: As your hormones try to stabilize after pregnancy, acne can be common. Use a mild cleanser and lightweight moisturizer twice a day to help with oiliness and outbreaks.
  • See Your Esthetician: When you feel ready to be out of the house, make an appointment with an expert. Facial treatments and products designed for your skin’s needs can do wonders for acne, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks. 

The estheticians at Xenana Spa have the expertise to pamper and nourish your postpartum skin. And they can guide you to the best routines and products for your skin’s needs. Schedule your appointment today to get the care you deserve. 

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