4 Great Reasons To Try Yoga for the First Time

If you’ve been wanting to try yoga for the first time, there’s no better time than the present! Gone are the days when yoga seemed to exist solely for thin and flexible ‘crunchy’ types. Now, you can find a studio or practice to fit any personality, body type, and fitness level. Yoga truly is for everyone.

At Xenena Spa in Portland, OR, we’re thrilled to have a beautiful yoga studio for our community to enjoy. Our teachers are passionate about making this form of wellness and exercise accessible to anyone who wants to enjoy it. We invite you to try our classes to see which is the best fit for you.

Ready To Try Yoga for the First Time?

As popular as yoga is, plenty of people still haven’t tried it. They may feel anxious about being able to do the moves or hold the postures. Or they might think they don’t have the ‘right type’ of body for yoga. 

Photo Of Men And Women In A Yoga Class

But the truth is that each body is the right type for yoga! The key is finding the best yoga studio and class for you. Once you try some options and choose a good fit for your needs, you’ll see the benefits for sure.

If you’re hesitant, here are four reasons to consider trying yoga for the first time.

1. Stress Reduction

Stressors are all around us in our daily lives. Regular yoga practice can help you manage and reduce your stress by lowering your cortisol levels, blood pressure, and heart rate. Lowering your stress can also help improve your sleep and anxiety.

2. Increased Flexibility and Balance

Our modern world can sometimes keep us highly stagnant – sitting at desks, in cars, and on couches. Yoga classes help you develop and maintain flexibility and balance, which are crucial for long-term mobility and independence as you age. Building up these components also helps prevent injuries and can alleviate chronic pain.

3. Increased Strength

Close Up Photo Of Woman Holding A Yoga Pose

You do not have to be a gym rat who spends hours with free weights to get strong. Yoga postures use every muscle and are excellent for toning and strengthening your whole body. 

Strength training of some sort is important for everyone. But it is proving to be particularly crucial for menopausal folks. Yoga provides a gentle way to maintain your muscle tone and strength as you age.

4. Weight Management

The first three reasons to try yoga for the first time can all help this final one – weight management. By lowering your stress and cortisol levels and increasing your flexibility and strength, you automatically help manage your weight. 

We know that weight isn’t the end-all in health indicators by any means. But it is one component of your overall fitness and wellness, and keeping it in a healthy range will help you to feel and do your best.

The Xenana Yoga Experience

We encourage you to try yoga at Xenana, whether it’s your first time or not. We offer a variety of classes to meet different needs and goals, and we welcome all bodies to our studio. Find a class to try today!

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